Tuesday, March 30, 2010

'Law of Influence'

2nd Law of Leadership as what has been lined up by John C. Maxwell is:

'Law of Influence'

As a leader, there is nothing more than influence. It is all about it. Without influence, you will not have follower. Abraham Lincoln during war, was rank as captain. But at the end of the war, he was a private. He was a casualty of the Law of Influence.

Many people think, that being in a position such as a manager, is a sign of leadership. They think, with a position, they can gain influence from the others. But it is totally wrong. It is a myth. Yes, with a position, come with power. But power doesn't actually come with influence. Well. initially you do have some influence. But after a while, if you doesn't perform as a leader, you will loose your influence...

The best example is our prophet Muhammad saw. The influence he has is extremely extraordinary. No one can imagine at that time, Muhammah (saw), a farmer and someone who is not from a rich family can actually be what he had became. He did not only influenced his follower, but he has managed to go beyond it. People heard about him across the continents. Bare in mind the communication media was not the same as now. But yet, people heard about him. More than that, people who used to be his arc enemy, has actually became his truly sahabah....

Do not underestimate the power of this law, or you might find yourself leading no one but yourself only....

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