Thursday, January 20, 2011

A little bit about my current project.....

We have been awarded a contract to supply 7 offshore storage tanks, various sizes. Out of 7, 2 tanks are big of which we have to transport them by barge. Due to that, we cannot fabricate them at our own site in Shah Alam and has to opt for any yard close to any port around Malaysia. After all the tendering processes, a company located in PKFZ has been awarded by us for fabrication scope. Fabrication were then commenced officially sometime in Oct 2010 after AFC drwgs issued and materials arrived there.

After 3 months of fabrication, all tanks are considered ready for Full Water Test. We have experience difficulties in handling the fabricator performance in all aspect. Most of the headache that we are having is quality of the work i.e. distortion. This distortion issue has caused the delivery date is expected to delay by 1 month due to repair work.

As of now, we are still repairing the tank..... Hope we can deliver it after Chinese New Year.

Maybe I will share about the distortion in future...

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