Monday, January 3, 2011


According to some psychiatrists there’s a good and a bad time to ask for a raise, because your boss has a weekly cycle of moods.

o Take Monday to ask for a vacation. Having just enjoyed his or her weekend, your boss will be in a better mood to grant you some time off.

o Tuesday is the day for bad news. Break it gently. Tuesday gives your boss the rest of the week you clean up your mess.

o The day to ask for a raise? Wednesdays. This survey says managers told them they felt most charitable on Wednesdays than any other… you’ll get lots of “yes” answers on this day.

o Thursday is the day to present your boss with your ideas… they’re more open minded.

o Friday is the day to ask for favors… it’s after all Friday, and bosses are looking forward to the weekend too!

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